I am currently obsessed with having matte nails lately! Although this trend is so in right now, going out and buying a whole new collection of matte nail polish in all of your favorite colors can be very expensive. Save yourself some money and buy a matte top coat instead!

I was debating between two brands that I love so much, and just decided to get both so I could test them out (not to mention, I'm already almost done with one bottle).

The first one is Essie's 'Matte about you' and the second is London Butter. You can purchase both of these at Ulta. I heard they carry 'Matte About You' at Wal Mart but I'm not quite sure about that.

Overall I was more pleased with Essie's 'Matte About you'. It stayed on for days without fading or chipping. Butter London seemed to fade really quickly and I had to keep adding more.

I decided to put it over black nail polish since we are getting closer to spring. I love black nails but they are way too harsh during the spring season. The matte top coat seems to tone it down a bit (which also makes it more work appropriate). Here are my results.

**Just a reminder, 'Matte about you' comes in a box like the picture above.

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