Before I show you what I got in my birchbox, let me explain what birchbox is and why we love it.

Birchbox is kind of like a magazine subscription...except better! You pay $10 a month to receive a cute little pink box filled with all kinds of goodies. These goodies include high end beauty products, lifestyle products, and snacks (and we love snacks).

Keep in mind these are not full sized items, they are samples sizes. I actually love this because they are easy to travel with and if you aren't crazy about the product you won't feel guilty for wasting it. Oh, and they also fit in your purse!

I am always looking for new beauty products and make up and this really is the best way to discover new things Plus, who doesn't love receiving a box full of beauty products every month?

I will share some pictures of the items I got in my birchbox today. I haven't had the chance to try them out, but I will blog later and tell you how it goes!

And just a reminder, they have a birchbox for men as well.

Original nipple balm for lips by Dr. Lipp
Discover a European beauty secret. The ulrtahydrating multipurpose balm and lip gloss was originally formulated for nursing moms. Now it's a make up artist face! Full size $14.50

Side note-I'm a tad hesitant about putting nipple cream on my lips. Whatever works I guess! 

 Nail polish in Wild Cactus by Color Club
Shoo away winter blues with this on-trend emerald polish. Full size $8

Cleansing body gel with olive and sicilian orange extracts by SKIN&Co Roma
You won't be able to go back to regular soap after trying this freshly scented, antioxidant packed shower gel. Flul size $17.50

Thick headband by Twistband
Made with soft elastic, these colorful headbands keep your hair out of your face without any creasing or tugging. Set of 6 $20
Click here to get your Birchbox subscription!

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