I was doing my bi weekly stroll around Target the other day to check out the new Prabal Gurung line when I noticed some very familiar handbags all around the store. I guess I've never really looked at the handbags before unless there is a designer collaboration involved (am I a snob or what?).

If you are lusting over a designer handbag but it's not quite in your budget at the time, you should definitely head over to Target and check out these designer look a likes!

There is no need to empty out your whole bank account when you could easily look just as amazing in one of these bags from Target. And PLEASE do not buy a fake bag. That is a fashion NO NO! I will admit to buying a fake Louis Vuitton in China Town during my first NYC trip (give me a break, I was 17). Let me just say, I am still ashamed of myself.

Ok, sorry I got off track. The point is you can have the look for less at Target. Check these out!   

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