It's fashion segment time again!

For those of you that don't know, I signed on with Kens 5 Great Day SA to do fashion segments twice a month, and each segment will be a different theme (some more challenging than others).

Also, a HUGE thanks to Macys at La Cantera for letting me pull looks for the show. I will be doing another blog post later today so you can get the details on the outfits that my models are wearing.

 This segment was about being stylist on Casual Friday.

Here are some behind the scenes pictures from this morning.

This is how my morning (just like every morning) started out <3 

I just want to thank Ryan for taking this picture while I was adjusting under my dress. I thought I was having a private moment...

 Getting ready (...kind of)

 Bryan doing Bryan-ish things

Please ignore my gorilla-ish pose for the next 3 pictures... 

 My pretty pretty models!

 After the show

Jessie Borrego was in the studio. Someone was verrry excited.

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