If you a Kardashian fan like myself, you have noticed the klear acrylic make up kube (sorry I couldn't help myself) in a few of the episodes. As soon as I saw this little gem my inner OCD screamed at me "YOU NEED THIS". Notice how I said 'need' instead of 'want'? This happens a lot... 

After doing research I realized these things come with a pretty hefty price tag. I was not about to spend $500 on a make up cube. Do you know how much make up you could buy with $500?!  Luckily I stumbled upon goshstore2010 on eBay where they custom make them for a really good price. They have many options to choose from depending on how much storage you actually need.

The one I ordered has four drawers plus a top compartment with a lid and I only paid $150!

So here it is! If you have been looking for an acrylic organizer at a great price your search is over! I am completely obsessed with it.

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